NEO Energy

Our vision is to be a next generation UKCS energy platform, by breathing new life into the North Sea.

We will conduct our business activities with a full commitment to the health and safety of people and to the protection of the environment.

To meet our commitments, NEO Energy, and all subsidiary companies, shall ensure:

  • Effective leadership is in place and all employees and contractors promote a positive HSE culture;
  • All applicable health, safety and environment legislation, standards and other requirements are met or exceeded;
  • All personnel hold responsibility for their own health and safety, observe company values, and are trained and competent for their roles;
  • Safe, secure and healthy workplaces are provided to protect workers from injury and ill health;
  • All operating assets adopt the IGOP life-saving rules to build an incident and injury free culture, our employees hold the “stop work authority”;
  • Our impact on the environment is minimised and we aim to prevent pollution;
  • All risks are identified, assessed and managed to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable;
  • Integrity of our assets is maintained over their lifecycle from design, construction to decommissioning;
  • All changes are identified and managed to align with company procedures;
  • Effective engagement is maintained with all stakeholders;
  • HSE performance is prominent in the selection of our contractors and suppliers;
  • Robust systems and processes are implemented;
  • Timely reporting and investigation of incidents and near misses;
  • Appropriate plans for emergency situations and incidents are in place and regularly tested;
  • HSE management and performance is regularly assessed, reviewed and audited to achieve continuous improvements.
  • We will behave ethically and engage in charitable giving and volunteer efforts in our local community.

We all have the responsibility to choose safety over operational results. This includes the responsibility to intervene whenever activities conflict with this policy.